Timber and forestry investing in Uruguay

Uruguay, thanks to its soil quality, moderate climate and abundant water resources, is one of the globe’s most competitive countries for forestry and timber investment. Eucalyptus, the main type of tree that is planted, grows twice as fast in Uruguay as in the northern hemisphere. It is not surprising that the world’s two largest –and cleanest- paper mills, built by leading European pulp companies, are in Uruguay, with a third one on the way. With this increasing investment in the forestry industry, Uruguay is quickly set to become the second global exporter of short-fiber pulp by the end of the decade. In addition, the country enjoys the highest sustainability certification in the world: over 80% of Uruguay’s forests are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Timberland is available throughout the whole country, in all sizes, making Uruguay an attractive place for both institutional and individual investors. Timber farms for sale can be found both planted and unplanted, and land prices stand at competitive levels. In sum, natural conditions, availability of land, sustainability and legal stability have made Uruguay’s forestry and timber industry one of the fastest growing investment options in the last two decades, with ample room for growth yet.


Our firm is a specialized division of Fischer & Schickendantz, one of Uruguay´s most recognized law and foreign investment advice firms. Click here for more information on the firm.

To meet the increasing number of investors seeking to invest in Uruguayan timberland and farmland, in 2009 Fischer & Schickendantz created a specialized unit, dedicated to land investment consulting. This multidisciplinary unit provides a personalized service to clients, starting with detailed, technical knowledge sharing on the agriculture, cattle and forestry and timber industries in Uruguay.

Clients will usually indicate the size of farm sought and the type of activity to be developed (agricultural, livestock, forestry or other), and our firm sources the best available land in the market from the leading land brokers, with whom we work closely. We analyze the options and prescreen them, share them with the client, and then encourage a visit to the different properties, in a guided personalized tour led by technical experts

When a decision to purchase is made, we advise on the different ownership structures, handle the purchase and the due diligence on the land deed, and provide the ongoing tax and accounting support, as well as the ongoing management of the operation. When required, we incorporate the relevant corporate vehicles, and set up shareholder arrangements to govern multiple partner relations.

Please visit our general land investment advice website, www.uruguayfarms.com to see examples of available properties for sale, and further information on land investment in Uruguay, both in timber and in agriculture and cattle.


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